Why Timisoara?

This page is dedicated to the beautiful city Timisoara. Here we’ll explain the basics about the city, a bit of it’s history and why we think it deserves to become the Culture Capital of Europe!

Located on the shores of the Bega River, at the core of the historic region of Banat, Timişoara is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Dubbed the ‘’City of Flowers’’, Timişoara is widely appreciated for its Western appearance, large parks and multicultural tradition. Timisoara is also a tourist-friendly city, as most of its sights are within walking distance of each other and public transportation is fast and relatively cheap.

Timisoara stunned the world and disrupted sleep for evil dictators everywhere when its incensed residents instigated the 1989 revolution. Among its locals know as the First Free Town, for it was here that anti-Ceauşescu protests first exceeded the Securitate’s capacity for violent suppression, eventually punching Ceauşescu’s ticket to hell. In recent years the city has been designated as ‘Romania’s economic showcase’, spurring debate as to whether the ‘Timişoara Model’ can be applied to other cities.

In addition to being superior to Bucharest as a Romanian road and rail access point form the west, Timişoara is the hub of Carpatair, Romania’s thriving semi budget airline. Making Timişoara the Romanian base of operations for those travelers that can’t stand the spine-jangling overnight train trips!

Country code: +40
Area code: 256
Electricity: 220V, 50 Hz
Time zone: EET (UTC +2), in the summer (DST) EEST (UTC +3)
Population of Timisoara was 303,708 in 2011


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