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The Night with a bow

13 Aug

Saturday the eleventh of August was a night of new discoveries. We heard that there would be a cool event hosted by incubator107. This organization strives to further increase the sharing of skills, knowledge and abilities among people. In this case, it was an evening with the following theme: Nocturnă cu papion. Freely translated by google into: Night with a bow.

This night was hosted by cultural café  Cuib d’Arte, which is quite a hip café that lies two blocks from Unirii Square. As soon became clear, the chosen theme was very fitting. The first workshop was focused solely on ties! After just merely twenty minutes everybody was walking around with their self-made bow ties. For those who didn’t make it in time for the first part of this workshop (ourselves included), there was a diligent organization member walking through the room with extra bowties!

Since we were now all appropriately accessorized, the night could really begin! A performance by Rubik’s Cube and a nice cold beer or a glass of wine got the room in the mood. After this mini concert it was time for some serious handiwork! Scissors, colored paper and scotch tape became the key concepts for the following 30 minutes or so. The results can be seen below or on www.timisoara2021.tumblr.com. As the night grew longer, the temperature got higher. And the next workshop was certainly helping to make the temperature rise, it was time for some passionate tango! Too bad for us it was only a demonstration, so no time for some serious flexing of limbs or fierce flirting, better luck next time! After this we decided we had learned enough for one night! We were all impressed by the work of incubator107, it was truly a night of new discoveries. We bow in thanks for organizing this event.

Check out more activities of incubator107 at: http://www.facebook.com/Incubator107Timisoara
Check out Cuib d’Arte at: http://www.facebook.com/cuibuldearte
And finally, Rubik’s Cube: http://www.myspace.com/rubikscubetm

By Leon Kuipers

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