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Prospero Delicii!

31 Aug

A chain bakery/cafe, Prospero Delicci has multiple locations in Timisoara.  The one frequented by students is a quick 5 minute walk away from the West University Dorms, great for a quick coffee to wake you up before class.

Their food selection includes cakes, different sorts of bread, caffeinated as well as fruit drinks, and ice cream too if desired!  Their choices of confectionaries and breads varies on what time you go to the bakery.  I would recommend going early morning before 11AM, when there are more cakes available and the breads baked are at their freshest.  I’ve come here a number of times, and I’ve tried quite a variety of their foods.  My favorites so far would have to be their pizza bread and their ‘Incredible Chocolate’ brownie.  

Service here is fast and friendly and English-speaking.  There are areas both inside and outside where you can settle down to read a book or surf the web with their free wifi!  A pleasant and clean atmosphere overall- I would recommend a visit for those who are looking for a more westernized establishment.  A 3.5/5 stars from me!

By Claudine Chua

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