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Culture of Taste: Indian Evening

16 Aug

Yesterday, the 15th August, we had a pleasure to participate in the event “Culture of Taste: Indian Evening” (“Cultură de Gust – seara indiană la Cărtureşti”), which was organized by the FoodCrew Team with the support of the Cărtureşti Bookstore.

The magic atmosphere of the place was already noticeable at the entrance of the Cărtureşti Bookstore thanks to the oriental incenses wafted in the air. For us it was a good chance to try the specifics of the Indian food: samosa, pledge halwa and spicy oriental tea with milk and honey. Additionally, everyone of us had an opportunity to smell and find out a little bit more about specific Indian spices which are very important in the national cuisine of the country. The scent of the spices in combination with the colorful decorations and the exotic music gave us such a feeling if we had a small piece of India in our souls.

As a part of the programme a 2007 Indian film directed by Feroz Abbas Khan “Gandhi, My Father” was shown. The film explores the troubled relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his son Harilal Gandhi. This is the story of a man who lived in the enormous shadow of his father, striving to discover his identity.

As one of the main organizers Iuliana Nalatan puts in: “Though the project “Culture of Taste” was started only two weeks ago with the organization of the Spanish evening, it has already gained its popularity. We are really happy that a lot of people are interested in what we do. We are planning to organize Italian, Chinese and Japanese evenings as well in the nearest future. Our main goal is to provide people with experience and knowledge about other cultures, their traditions and history”.

We were very glad to participate in the Indian Evening and to discover and feel this fascinating culture. We are looking forward to the next event organized by the FoodCrew Team. Don’t miss it! See you soon at Cărtureşti Bookstore!

For more information you can visit the official webpage of the FoodCrew Team
http://foodcrew.ro/ as well as their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FoodCrew.

By Anna Grzesica, Oleksandra Karavan and Klaudia Skibińska

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