Timisoreana Restaurant

27 Aug

cordon bleu, grilled vegetables, timisoara, romania, romanian dish, rice, liverTimisoreana restaurant is located in the city centre, Opera Square.  There is the option of eating indoors in the basement restaurant or to enjoy a view of the square in the outdoor section.  Here they serve traditional Romanian food, with the average price dishes ranging from 10-20 Lei.  Dishes I have tried there include their tripe soup, polenta, as well as some grilled vegetables and rice with nuts and liver.  All of these dishes have tasted excellent and fresh.

Service here is average compared to other restaurants here in Timisoara.  If you want to enjoy your meal in the outdoors section of the restaurant, it might be a bit of a wait as both times I’ve been there the place was quite busy.  For all you non-smokers, be aware that this is still a restaurant that allowed smoking in all sections too.

Overall a very pleasant and filling experience, and most definitely one of the better restaurants that I’ve visited here in Timisoara.  I give the place 4/5 stars.

By Claudine Chua


A Walk In the City Centre – Tour 1

25 Aug

The settlement was formed soon after 1000 AD by the Hungarian king. The fortress was conquered in 1552 by the Turks and in 1716 a major change was brought  by Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy. The city developed rapidly in the hands of the Habsburgs and than during the economic boom as well. The first electrical street light was introduced here, in Timisoara. 

In the 18th century, to keep the Turks away a large fortress  with nine bastions and three fortification walls was built. 1,5 km away from the fortress three neighbourhoods were pushed: Fabric, Iosefin, Elisabetin.

Libertatii Square was the second fortress of Timisoara. The new city with new fortifications  in 1732 and 1761 needed a modern fortress, much larger than the old one.

The Timisoara Garrison Command (“New Generalate” – 1727).


Mary-Nepomuk monument was started by the famous Raphel Donner, but the work was finished by Wasserburger and Blimm. It is made in the typical style of Viennes Baroque.

The Military Casino is an elegant building, common for the late Baroque and rococo styles.

The Old City Hall, built as the “German community hall” in 1731, was rebuilt several times until it received its nowadays eclectic appearance, in 1853. The large room upstairs was a famous ballroom in the city, in the 18th century.


Public Hospital probably was the first public hospital in the Habsburg Empire (older than the Allgemaines Krankenhaus in Vienna).

The church of Misericordian monks, built between 1748 and 1753, today  is a Greek-Catholic church.

The Cetate Synagogue, built between 1863 and 1865in the so-called “Moorish architecture” style which prevailed in the building of Mosaic temples in the Empire.

Nicolas Lenau High School with instruction in German. In this building there was the first theater.

Information about the second part of the tour of the city centre is coming soon!

By Anna Smierzchalska

Rugby Club Timisoara

23 Aug

Today we will cover a different aspect of Timisoara, it’s all about sports! More specific, RC Timisoara (rugbyclub). This is the semiprofessional club of Timisoara that plays in the first division of Romanian rugby. The most notable results the club ever got was the championship in 1972. Of course this is basis for a lot of pride and respect because The Bucharest rugby club used to get the national title every year, and finally someone was able to stand up against them. Up next some facts about the rubgy club:

  • The team is known as “universitatea” which is explained by the historical ties with the University of Timisoara.
  • The matches take place in Stadionul Electromotor, which has a capacity of 1,000 seats. At every match played at home, fans do not hesitate to come and encourage their favorite players.
  • Since 2012 the coach of the club is Chester Williams who’s nicknamed was the “black pearl”, a former South African rugby player who is considered to be one of the best players in his country. This is a symbol of the attractiveness of the club and leads also to more exposure. After the succes of 1972, things pretty much went back to ‘normal’ Bucharest is once again the best team of Romania, and Timisoara has to stay in their shadow for now, lurking for more succes at the second place.

This club is one of the examples that show the passion for sport that the city has. Rugby in Timisoara definitely plays a major role in the sport life of Timisoara. After football, rugby is the most popular sport in the city. Come to the stadium to  support the rugby players and be sure to spend an amazing time.

Find more information on:

Find more pictures on: www.timisoara2021.tumblr.com

By Florent Debbonet

Aethernative Café: Just try it

21 Aug

Aethernative Café, situated on Str Marasesti 14, is a place which is worth to visit in Timisoara without any doubt. By the way, it is located in the same building as the club “d’Arte”. This café has gained its popularity among young people due to its  extraordiness and freshness.

A special atmosphere of this place is already noticeable after crossing the threshold thanks to artistic graffiti on the walls. Lots of bicycles located in the hall tell us that this place is appreciated by the youth of Timisoara. Moreover, when the weather is good, people can spend their leisure time in a small garden in the middle of the café. The interior of the café with its extraordinary decorations and artistic works also encourages people to come in. On the walls we can find handmade graphics and photos which create a harmony with the lights of this place. At the bar we can find many different cocktails and beers at affordable prices. The coffee is served in special porcelain glasses with a piece of history of Timisoara depicted on them.

From time to time, different events such as concerts of local groups and film festivals are organized in this café. That is why this place plays a very important role in the cultural life of Timisoara. This café is also a perfect place to enjoy time with your friends around a delicious  drink or to invite someone for a date. You are always welcome by the staff  which is also very nice and friendly.

For sure you will spend an unforgetable time in Aethernative Café. It is time to try something new…Come and enjoy!

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10 am – 1 am
Saturday: 12 pm – 1 am
Sunday: 5 pm – 1 am

By Anna Grzesica and Florent Debonnet

The Annual Navy Day Celebration, or something like that…

19 Aug

Last Wednesday, the 15 of August, I went to the most official event of Timisoara I have been at so far. I got up super early, at 9 AM or something, to be in time at the ship D’Arc de la Podul Tineretii. Because that day was the third annual Navy day (according to google translate and timisoreni).

This Navy day was a special one, it was 280 years ago that on this very canal, the Bega Canal, the first ship ever set sail to ‘Pancevo’. To celebrate this, a commemorative plate was officially dedicated and revealed by important people. Which leads me to the main problem I had with this event, everything was in Romanian! Besides a lot of ‘Timisoara’ ‘mulţumesc’ two ´Olanda´ and one ´Rotterdam´ (which made me verry proud as a dutchmen!) I was having a rather hard time understanding anything that was being said.

Somehow that didn’t make it less interesting. It was a really impressive event. Lots of people gathered, young kids, young couples, old people and a lot of officials. Both men and women in uniform where all over the place. Of course, the Honor Guard was present, aswell as the Banat Infantry Brigade 18 and a military orchestra.

The nicest thing about this was that I couldn’t rely on the words that where spoken to the audience. I had to be guided by there movements of the crowd. When everyone went to the left, I walked to the left, when we went to the water, I followed obediently. It felt more like a game then an official event because of this. And, of course, the sunny weather and an ice cold cola helped me to relax a lbit too!

I got to see a little of the navy traditions of a different country, I’m sure I heard the Romanian National Anthem somewhere along the way, and I can promise you it was definitely worth the effort it took to get out from my bed that early. So a tip for you guys for the next year, set your alarms, bring your video camera’s, follow the crowd and I promise you, you will enjoy yourselves to the max!

For more pictures: www.timisoara2021.tumblr.com

By Leon Kuipers

Scart Loc Lejer: Enjoy your time

18 Aug

Scart Loc Lejer, located at Str. Zoe, nr.1, Timisoara, is a cool place for drinking, chatting and gathering. It gains good popularity in the city since it has a remarkable environment and also affordable price on a wide range of drinks.

With stylish in-room design: plaques with names of streets and stations, gramophone records, real musical instruments on the scratched walls, back room with high ceiling and inverted umbrella, and also distinctive antique decorations, it provides an extraordinary atmosphere for the guests. But it does not end here. Scart Loc Lejer has also provided a large and relaxing garden, with logs, semi-broken benches, and hammocks for the guests to sit on and enjoy the drinks. Therefore, it can also be a good place to enjoy an afternoon tea.

Scart Loc Lejer opens its door for everyone and it doesn´t matter how old are you or which music style do you prefer. Scart Loc Lejer likes and respects diversity. Here you feel yourself like at home. It is a perfect place for spending evenings with your friends, having dates with your sweethearts and celebrating different occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Haloween etc. You will never forget time you spend here!

You are still not at Scart Loc Lejer? What are you waiting for? Just come and enjoy your leisure time here. For sure, you will love it!

Opening hours: Mon-Wed: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm, Thu-Sat: 11:00 am – 2:00 am, Sun: 1:00 pm – 12:00 am

For more information you can call 0751 892 340 or you can add Scart Loc Lejer as your Facebook friend http://www.facebook.com/scartloclejer

By Fung Sheung Yee and Oleksandra Karavan

Plai festival – behind the scenes

17 Aug

Once a year, in the middle of September, Timisoara hosts one of the biggest, multicultural music events in Romania – Plai Festival. The upcomming edition will be supported by volunteers from all over the world: Italian, Polish, Slovakian, Croatian, Japanese and Chinese students will be helping with the organization of this years edition. These international trainees will contribute creatively to the materials and also share the responsibility of promoting this event.

At the last meeting, Friday the 10th, in the Banat Museum where Plai takes place, organizers and volunteers were discussing the main ideas for the promotion campaign both on national and international level. For the upcomming weeks, the main task of the international trainees will be to raise awareness of the event in their own countries by setting bilateral cooperation with media patrons and cultural associations. And besides that, the volunteers are given the task to prepare extra events in Timisoara such as flashmobs, workshops and creating promotional videos, all to increase the turn-out of the Plai Festival in Timisoara!

Plai is a festival organised entirely by volunteers and it brings together some of the most important world music artists from all different parts of the world with their specific music and musicality. During 14, 15 and 16 september Plai’s stage will host Patrice & The Superpowers , Oquestrada, and Fatoumata Diawara, beside these performances, these three days will also host all kinds of different workshops and art activities. Judging by the energy and brainstorming I saw at the meeting I am convinced it will be an amazing event, everybody block these three days in your agenda, because you SHOULD be there! See below for more information

Banat huts where workshops will be held

Open air cinema area

PLAI international volunteers

Plai Festival
14-16 september 2012
Museum satului bănățean, Timişoara


By Joanna Sidor

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