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Who we are?

ReBranders & Timisoara 2021 Team

We are an international group of student from all over the world: 18 countries and 3 different continents. In July 2012 we joined ReBranders team organized by AIESEC. For the period of two months we were living together in Timisoara doing volunteer work and discovering the city. We were helping AIESEC to create promo campaign for the partner entities as West University, Politehnic University and Plai Festival.

One of our responsibilities was to support with our ideas the association ”Timișoara Capitală Culturală Europeană. The part of ReBranders team, 9 interns from Canada, France, Poland, Hong Kong and Netherlands, was working on preparing the city’s application for the title: European Cultural Capital. Our main task was to show and promote youth culture life in Timisoara by writing blog and making the short movie about the city. Now we are looking for internationals who want to continue our work and share their findings about the city on Timisoara2021 blog.

Are you a foreign student living in Timisoara?

Do you want to share your findings about the city?

Or just want to express your opinion about timisoara2021 blog?

Contact us!

ReBranders Timisoara 2021 Team


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