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Rose Park – “City of Flowers”

4 Sep

Rose Park is a park next to the Bega Canal. It’s one of the many parks Timisoara is famous for, hence Timisoara’s nickname: the city of flowers. In my opinion, Rose Park is the very reason for this nickname! This park was heavily subsidized by the authorities to become on of the prettiest parks I’ve seen in my life. This garden does not only house a great variety of flowers, decorative art pieces and pergolas, but it also has a huge stage and hundreds of fixed seats.

And the best part of this park is, the stage and seats aren’t just for show, the park houses amazing events for the entire city. It really is more than just a park, it’s a gathering spot for various cultural events of Timisoara: Inimilor Festival, Outdoor Cinema Festival, Opera and Operetta Festival etc.

This park has a nice form of symbiosis, both human and nature are making this garden a touristic spot every tourist should go to!

By Leon Kuipers

Timisoara Opera and Operetta Festival

28 Aug

Almost all of us have an experience of watching opera in the Opera House or other in-door theatres. But how many of you have an experience of watching opera at an open-air stage? Citizens and visitors of the city of Timisoara, for sure, have such a great experience!

This weekend, the 24th-26th August, the eighth annual “Opera and Operetta Festival” took place in the Rose Park. Professional singers from different countries and a professional orchestra crew performed “Land of Smiles” by F. Lehar, “Rigoletto” by G. Verdi, “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss and “Star Glass” children opera at the open-air stage. The festival gathered more than 1000 viewers. Everyone could enjoy spectacular opera and operetta performances during these warm summer evenings.

Are you interested and excited about the event? Then don´t miss your chance to enjoy opera and operetta performances next weekend, the 31st August – 2nd September. “Carmen” by G. Bizet, “Gypsy Baron” by Johann Strauss and Gala Concert of Opera, Operetta and Ballet will be performed for you in the Rose Park. For sure, this festival is worth to see!

By Fung Sheung Yee and Oleksandra Karavan

Plai festival – behind the scenes

17 Aug

Once a year, in the middle of September, Timisoara hosts one of the biggest, multicultural music events in Romania – Plai Festival. The upcomming edition will be supported by volunteers from all over the world: Italian, Polish, Slovakian, Croatian, Japanese and Chinese students will be helping with the organization of this years edition. These international trainees will contribute creatively to the materials and also share the responsibility of promoting this event.

At the last meeting, Friday the 10th, in the Banat Museum where Plai takes place, organizers and volunteers were discussing the main ideas for the promotion campaign both on national and international level. For the upcomming weeks, the main task of the international trainees will be to raise awareness of the event in their own countries by setting bilateral cooperation with media patrons and cultural associations. And besides that, the volunteers are given the task to prepare extra events in Timisoara such as flashmobs, workshops and creating promotional videos, all to increase the turn-out of the Plai Festival in Timisoara!

Plai is a festival organised entirely by volunteers and it brings together some of the most important world music artists from all different parts of the world with their specific music and musicality. During 14, 15 and 16 september Plai’s stage will host Patrice & The Superpowers , Oquestrada, and Fatoumata Diawara, beside these performances, these three days will also host all kinds of different workshops and art activities. Judging by the energy and brainstorming I saw at the meeting I am convinced it will be an amazing event, everybody block these three days in your agenda, because you SHOULD be there! See below for more information

Banat huts where workshops will be held

Open air cinema area

PLAI international volunteers

Plai Festival
14-16 september 2012
Museum satului bănățean, Timişoara

By Joanna Sidor

Blues Pentru Timisoara Festival

14 Aug

Last weekend, the 11th and 12th of August, the fifth annual international blues festival “Blues pentru Timisoara” took place at Union Square. For two evenings the city of Timisoara turned to a small European capital of blues hosting some of the most popular bands from Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

Spectators of different ages, professions and nationalities gathered at the Square to enjoy the blues music played by Bega Blues Band, Texas Flood, Vali “SirBlues” Racila, Mircea Bunea Trio, Foxy Lady Trio & Alex Man and the Wildflowers Band. The blues music festival provided us with not only great music but also a change of atmosphere. The whole square was influenced by the jazzy tunes coming from the grand stage. It gave us a chance to experience a different Union Square than we had before.

As Dona, a dental student in Timisoara puts it: “I am attending this festival for the first time. I just wanted to listen to a good music and discover a new music style. Next year I will attend this event for sure because it is worth it!”.

“I came to Timisoara as a tourist and was pleased to find out that such an event takes place during my stay here. I enjoy both the music and the general atmosphere of the festival”, – Jeff, an investment banking specialist from Taiwan, shares his impressions, and we couldn’t have agreed more.

“As blues is my favorite music style I try to attend this festival every year.  It is nice to enjoy a good music, especially if it is played by such blues music stars as Vali “SirBlues” Racila”, – Doru, a telecommunications specialist from Timisoara, puts in as a true blues music fan.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a blues fan or not, you will love “Blues pentru Timisoara” for sure! All you should do is just to wait till the next summer and experience this pleasant atmosphere either for the first time or once again! See you all next year at Union Square!

If you can’t wait that long to get a feel of the atmosphere, then check out our tumblr account: for more pictures!

By Oleksandra Karavan and Leon Kuipers

Muzeul de Arta

12 Aug

national museum of art of romania

Muzeul de Arta is located in Timisoara’s Unirii Square.  The outside of the building matches the general atmosphere of the square with its beautiful, older-styled architecture.

After passing through a relatively simple entryway, and not paying for a ticket because we’re students, we come into the main foyer. Large and open, with two sets of spiral staircases opposite eachother on the left and right sides of the room leading up to the gallery itself. The first thing I noticed besides the Victorian vibe of the interior, was how quiet it was inside. Very peaceful, and just the right thing to get one in a mood to appreciate some artwork. The majority of the works were paintings of various styles, as well as a bunch of old china.

While exploring the museum, I stumbled upon an exhibition made up exclusively of small statues of swimmers and divers, wearing a mask with a sort of avian style to it. Some of them also had wings. With Adonis-like bodies, the very graceful and strong positions they’ve been molded into, I get the impression that they are gods or otherwordly in some way.

All things considered, the ambience and atmosphere of the museum alone make it worthy of a trip.  I give this place a 3.5/5 stars.

For more information you can visit their website at or call (004) 0264 596 952.

By Claudine Chua

“Roads Connecting Cultures” – Art Exhibition at the HELIOS Gallery

10 Aug

Organized by International Association of Artists, this exhibition of pictures, graphic works and sculptures under the motto “Roads Connecting Cultures” is presented at the HELIOS Art Gallery. The art works of 26 artists from Germany, Luxembourg, Romania, Sudan and South Korea are exhibited to demonstrate the cultural diversity and integrity of today’s world.

“Inspired by either their own experiences or general awareness of the topic, the artists from three continents  are presenting their works in Timisoara, one of the cultural capitals of Europe. As Margareta Schulz, the President of the international Association of Artists puts it: ‘’For some artists the “Roads” are the goal, for others – fascination about their own or other cultures”.

The exhibition will be in Timisoara until the 21st  of August. So we still have time to explore and experience the cultural diversity and integrity of the world we live in, through the modern art at the Helios Gallery!

Helios Gallery
Timisoara, Piata Victoriei 6
Visiting hours: Monday – Friday: 09 – 17; Saturday: 9 – 13

By Oleksandra Karavan

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