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Cărtureşti: Fascinating World Of Books

2 Sep

When you enter a regular book store, you never expect to see there something else but books. But Cărtureşti Book Store, located at Iulius Mall,  is another story. It is a book store of a new generation. Of course, this place has a huge variety of books of all genres for people of different ages. Of course, the consultants are very friendly and always ready to help. But what makes Cărtureşti so different from another book stores?

Cărtureşti Book Store is really something special! It is something between a book store, a library and a cafe.  Here you can not only buy a book you like but also you can read it and drink a tea in a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The variety of tea tastes is huge. Be ready to spend a lot of time on picking the one! Cărtureşti can help you to forget about the hectic world around you, have a rest, usefull for both your soul and brain,  and to plunge into a fascinating world of books! Want to start reading a new book? Just come and do it in Cărtureşti. You are always welcome! And it doesn´t matter whether a book you read is for study or just for pleasure. For sure, in every case, it will be a nice experience! Let your dreams, imagination and ideas flow in Cărtureşti Book Store!

Opening hours of Cărtureşti Iulius Mall: Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 22:00

Don´t forget to visit another Cărtureşti Book Store, located in the city centre in Str. Mercy, nr. 7.

Opening hours of Cărtureşti Mercy:  Monday – Friday 10:00 – 21:00, Saturday 11:00 – 20:00

For more information visit the official Facebook page of Cărtureşti book store:

By Oleksandra Karavan

Prospero Delicii!

31 Aug

A chain bakery/cafe, Prospero Delicci has multiple locations in Timisoara.  The one frequented by students is a quick 5 minute walk away from the West University Dorms, great for a quick coffee to wake you up before class.

Their food selection includes cakes, different sorts of bread, caffeinated as well as fruit drinks, and ice cream too if desired!  Their choices of confectionaries and breads varies on what time you go to the bakery.  I would recommend going early morning before 11AM, when there are more cakes available and the breads baked are at their freshest.  I’ve come here a number of times, and I’ve tried quite a variety of their foods.  My favorites so far would have to be their pizza bread and their ‘Incredible Chocolate’ brownie.  

Service here is fast and friendly and English-speaking.  There are areas both inside and outside where you can settle down to read a book or surf the web with their free wifi!  A pleasant and clean atmosphere overall- I would recommend a visit for those who are looking for a more westernized establishment.  A 3.5/5 stars from me!

By Claudine Chua

Aethernative Café: Just try it

21 Aug

Aethernative Café, situated on Str Marasesti 14, is a place which is worth to visit in Timisoara without any doubt. By the way, it is located in the same building as the club “d’Arte”. This café has gained its popularity among young people due to its  extraordiness and freshness.

A special atmosphere of this place is already noticeable after crossing the threshold thanks to artistic graffiti on the walls. Lots of bicycles located in the hall tell us that this place is appreciated by the youth of Timisoara. Moreover, when the weather is good, people can spend their leisure time in a small garden in the middle of the café. The interior of the café with its extraordinary decorations and artistic works also encourages people to come in. On the walls we can find handmade graphics and photos which create a harmony with the lights of this place. At the bar we can find many different cocktails and beers at affordable prices. The coffee is served in special porcelain glasses with a piece of history of Timisoara depicted on them.

From time to time, different events such as concerts of local groups and film festivals are organized in this café. That is why this place plays a very important role in the cultural life of Timisoara. This café is also a perfect place to enjoy time with your friends around a delicious  drink or to invite someone for a date. You are always welcome by the staff  which is also very nice and friendly.

For sure you will spend an unforgetable time in Aethernative Café. It is time to try something new…Come and enjoy!

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10 am – 1 am
Saturday: 12 pm – 1 am
Sunday: 5 pm – 1 am

By Anna Grzesica and Florent Debonnet

Scart Loc Lejer: Enjoy your time

18 Aug

Scart Loc Lejer, located at Str. Zoe, nr.1, Timisoara, is a cool place for drinking, chatting and gathering. It gains good popularity in the city since it has a remarkable environment and also affordable price on a wide range of drinks.

With stylish in-room design: plaques with names of streets and stations, gramophone records, real musical instruments on the scratched walls, back room with high ceiling and inverted umbrella, and also distinctive antique decorations, it provides an extraordinary atmosphere for the guests. But it does not end here. Scart Loc Lejer has also provided a large and relaxing garden, with logs, semi-broken benches, and hammocks for the guests to sit on and enjoy the drinks. Therefore, it can also be a good place to enjoy an afternoon tea.

Scart Loc Lejer opens its door for everyone and it doesn´t matter how old are you or which music style do you prefer. Scart Loc Lejer likes and respects diversity. Here you feel yourself like at home. It is a perfect place for spending evenings with your friends, having dates with your sweethearts and celebrating different occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Haloween etc. You will never forget time you spend here!

You are still not at Scart Loc Lejer? What are you waiting for? Just come and enjoy your leisure time here. For sure, you will love it!

Opening hours: Mon-Wed: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm, Thu-Sat: 11:00 am – 2:00 am, Sun: 1:00 pm – 12:00 am

For more information you can call 0751 892 340 or you can add Scart Loc Lejer as your Facebook friend

By Fung Sheung Yee and Oleksandra Karavan

Culture of Taste: Indian Evening

16 Aug

Yesterday, the 15th August, we had a pleasure to participate in the event “Culture of Taste: Indian Evening” (“Cultură de Gust – seara indiană la Cărtureşti”), which was organized by the FoodCrew Team with the support of the Cărtureşti Bookstore.

The magic atmosphere of the place was already noticeable at the entrance of the Cărtureşti Bookstore thanks to the oriental incenses wafted in the air. For us it was a good chance to try the specifics of the Indian food: samosa, pledge halwa and spicy oriental tea with milk and honey. Additionally, everyone of us had an opportunity to smell and find out a little bit more about specific Indian spices which are very important in the national cuisine of the country. The scent of the spices in combination with the colorful decorations and the exotic music gave us such a feeling if we had a small piece of India in our souls.

As a part of the programme a 2007 Indian film directed by Feroz Abbas Khan “Gandhi, My Father” was shown. The film explores the troubled relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his son Harilal Gandhi. This is the story of a man who lived in the enormous shadow of his father, striving to discover his identity.

As one of the main organizers Iuliana Nalatan puts in: “Though the project “Culture of Taste” was started only two weeks ago with the organization of the Spanish evening, it has already gained its popularity. We are really happy that a lot of people are interested in what we do. We are planning to organize Italian, Chinese and Japanese evenings as well in the nearest future. Our main goal is to provide people with experience and knowledge about other cultures, their traditions and history”.

We were very glad to participate in the Indian Evening and to discover and feel this fascinating culture. We are looking forward to the next event organized by the FoodCrew Team. Don’t miss it! See you soon at Cărtureşti Bookstore!

For more information you can visit the official webpage of the FoodCrew Team as well as their Facebook page

By Anna Grzesica, Oleksandra Karavan and Klaudia Skibińska

Casa Cu Flori Restaurant

11 Aug

Casa Cu Flori is located on Str. Alba Iulia in Opera Square, and is essentially a tower of food.  They have a coffee shop on the main floor, a place to purchase confectioneries on the second floor, and a restaurant on the top floor.  In Casa Cu Flori Restaurant, customers have the option of enjoying their meals with air conditioning indoors, or they can appreciate the view of Opera Square on the outdoor patio.

As my Romanian is quite limited, my diet at restaurants have been constricted to mostly pasta dishes as those are the only dishes I recognize.  Sad I know.  And so yes, I ordered their Spaghetti Bolognese and an orange juice to go along with it.   The price of their food is a little higher than other restaurants I’ve been to, but I could definitely taste the higher quality of the food that went along with it.  The consistency of the pasta dish was apparent from the get-go, the chef not having left too much water with the pasta, which often results in that runny, “mushy” sort of texture when made by less experienced hands. It’s hard to explain, but the whole meal just tasted healthier. As well, the amount of sauce was just perfect.  The pasta wasn’t drowning in it, but it wasn’t sparse either. Just right.

As a side note, the orange juice was so delicious, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an orange tree right around the corner from which they get their fruit.  I also had a bit of tiramisu, and having tried tiramisu from several other local restaurants, I feel confident in declaring this restaurant’s to be the best so far. Softer, fluffier, and creamier. You can tell that it wasn’t just hauled out of the deep freeze and microwaved for a few minutes.

The service was professional, and all the staff serving us could speak English, which is a huge, huge plus as I haven’t come across many fluent English-speaking waiters.  All in all it was a pleasant experience.  On a scale of 1-5 stars, with five being the best I’ve tasted in Romania, I would give it a 3.5.

By Claudine Chua

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